We love animals and we care about them. There is nothing that makes us sadder than seeing mistreated animals, or animals which are not receiving the care they deserve. Animals are living creatures like us, and they have joy and pain and enjoy games like we do, so it is important to treat them with respect, including in the way we transport them. Often these animals go through great suffering while being transported to a remote place, and this is what this website is all about. Often such situations are not intentional and most people love animals and do not like to seen them in disarray, this is called empathy. But more often than not the problems arise from unintentional bad care, by laziness or ignorance. When animals are moved special care must be in place so that they will feel comfortable during the vagaries of the trip.

The General Food Administration develops regulations governing livestock in developed countries. Aided by the departmental veterinary services, they oversee the compliance regulations and control with the support of veterinary health, animal identification, animal welfare, health, nutrition and fun. This control allows to set off an alert when an anomaly is detected on a farm and implement appropriate emergency measures. Among the various missions of the Veterinary Services in the area of livestock, animal identification is part of the overall means in place to monitor the various stages of development of the cattle and their origin when released. Animal welfare has become a concern of the consumer. This is why the Veterinary Services assisted by veterinarians monitor the health conditions of livestock and transport conditions of animals.

Selected by centuries of toil in the service of small mountain farmers, the donkeys and mules in the Pyrenees has a robust constitution, of exceptional hardiness, a charge of up to none and they are playful animals which always like to pay all sorts of games with their masters. Today we can distinguish two types of donkeys in the Pyrenees, which differ mainly in size: the Gascon, between 1.2 m and 1.35 m, is very well suited to the shoe and traction. The Catalan, which is over 1.35 m, is especially prized for the production team and strength. Both types share the same dark color, except the tip of the nose, around the eyes and below that are white. The association was formed in 1994, received official recognition of the breed by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1997. Since then, they were constantly involved in the production, promotion and use of this fabulous animal, the donkey. This ensures the management of the herd book in conjunction with regulators. They run contests and organize livestock transport and training sessions to the team or the pack. All these actions can improve the quality of the livestock and their skills. In addition, by promoting the transfer of know-how, they develop the technical skills of farmers and users. If you try ride them, make sure you are in good shape as they are restless with unknown riders. The association is thus strengthened in its role as a valuable aid for rural development: partner of nature recreation, intelligent neo-rural pulling force for eco-friendly gardening, producer of cosmetics donkey milk, walking guide for equine tourism … it is always easy to make the donkey useful with plenty of services. These animals are very intelligent and it is not fair to represent them as stupid. In some games like poker the donkey is considered the worse type of player and they do not deserve this image at all.

In Texas Holdem or PLO the term donkey or simply donk has become the modern term for fish. A donk is a poker player who will play worse than the other players you have ever seen, and then somehow manage to make you fight by the river with a garbage hand. After all to play online poker or roulette online are two different things and in holdem one should not use chance as a mean to win. It is not easy to beat such players because they usually are players who do not use the poker skills to win, donkeys are willing to take a chance with any two hole cards regardless of the value or ranking of their poker hand. With careful observation of your lobby, you should be able to recognize those in the top 10 players hands. Watch to see who raises pre-flop and calls and study their game to the showdown. If the breeder raised for any reason to the caller or called with anything you should take note of these players, most online poker rooms allow you to write notes. You should label these types of poker players as donkeys for future reference, because when you get the nuts they will pay the price. low you to write notes. You should label these types of poker players as Donks for future reference, because when you got the nuts they will pay the price.

Donkeys can also be found playing in tournaments SNG single table and multi table. They are either in the hands of the first rounds or they are the top leaders and will continue to raise every hand to try to steal as many blinds as possible to increase their chip stack. It is more difficult to beat them in a tournament then a cash games because players have to survive in tournaments and one error could put you out. Players who donk their way through a tournament are usually never in the money anyway. If you are a tight player, you can sit back and let the donkeys destroy each other in the early stages of a tournament. If you are willing to risk your stack with a few all-ins or to play aggressive with some pairs this will help you to double up and survive. Rebuy tournaments are normally always complete with fish and donks. They can help increase the prize pool amounts. titan poker bonus code has special tables where players can win a side-pot bet if they win with seven deuce hole cards. It’s not easy to win with the worst hand in poker and is a real ability to succeed. Bluff when you play live works more than he does when playing online poker because it is probably more intimidating when you’re facing your opponent instead of playing online poker against someone who is there to play and take big risks.

So remember to treat all animals with love and care, when you transport them of just when you have them around you. Pets, farm animals, competition or racing animals, all should be moved carefully as transport conditions are always possibly detrimental to these beautiful creatures from nature. Thank you for reading this article and good luck to you.

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